Middle Kingdom Theban Project Winter 2021 (Luxor, Egypt)

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Middle Kingdom Theban Project Winter 2021 (Luxor, Egypt), Archaeological Projects

The MKTP, under the direction of Dr Antonio J, Morales (Universidad de Alcalá), aims at the study and publication of 11th – 12th Dynasty tombs in Deir el-Bahari and Asasif (Luxor). This archaeological project, which started in 2015, currently works in the tombs of Henenu (TT313), Ipi (TT315), the so-called Eastern sector (east of the northern hill of Deir el-Bahari, with several tombs dated in the 12th Dynasty); and in Asasif works in the tombs of Dagi (TT103) and Djari (TT306), both tombs incorporated in the concession of 2018.

The 6th season carried out during November – December of 2021 consisted on the excavation, conservation and restoration of the tombs of  Ipi (TT315), Henenu (TT313), E1 and Dagi (TT103). With the collaboration of 40 specialists on different scientific areas and more than 100 locals, all the goals the team had for this season were achieved after 6 weeks of hard work in the Theban hill.

More info at: http://www.thebanproject.com